Joining process

Ares lighting store Joining Process

One, intend to join in more information, submit an application form and communicate with headquarters or logistics centers;

2, Division I intend to join the marketing staff to conduct on-site at the customer survey;

3, by mutual visits that conditions are right, distributors and regional distribution company signed a cooperation agreement, signed on behalf of both parties need to provide identity cards, business license;

4, the dealer according to the contract requirements, the amount of one-time payments will be the first back to Division I;

5 storefront floor plan provided by the dealer to the Division I, Division I arrange necessary to survey;

6, designed by our company store renovation program. Division I send professionals to guide the renovation,

    Renovation work was completed by the Division I program review relevant personnel according to the design decoration effect;

7, Division I selected the first batch of samples sent to the dealer store display installation show. Dealers according to the sample with the Division I first picking mutually agreed solution, by the Division I program by picking production and distribution in place.